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Hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1591842415

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“Roy Spence is a brilliant, sparkling gem. Dedicated to the idea that true greatness comes in direct proportion to passionate pursuit of a purpose beyond money, he has inspired and changed leaders in every sector. Spence has a peculiar genius for helping people articulate what they stand for, and any leader who cares to create a great enterprise would be fortunate to learn from this inspired guide.”
Jim Collins, Author
Good to Great and Built to Last (Co-Author)

“Roy Spence’s instructive book reflects his charismatic genius, his evangelical zeal and his synergistic understanding of what makes businesses lodge in the hearts, not just the minds, of employees and customers. Absent Roy’s moving and idealistic articulation of the overriding and, indeed, noble, purpose of Southwest Airlines, I doubt that we would be as overtly meaningful to ourselves and others as we are. Roy has a great and visionary lesson of business success to teach; buying his book is a very inexpensive way to learn it.”
Herb Kelleher, Founder
Southwest Airlines

”Great leaders are leaders of great purpose, in the world of public service and the business world. If you’re looking for a way to inspire people, mobilize the talent and energy of your organization and make a real difference, the roadmap and case studies in this book will help you do it. I know because Roy and the principles in this book have helped guide our work at the Clinton Global Initiative. Having a clear and compelling purpose has enabled us to unite leaders and citizens from all over the world in order to convert pioneering ideas into solutions with tangible results.”
Bill Clinton
Former President

“At BMW, we live and breathe purpose. Roy’s book and the powerful way he outlines how to bring purpose to life within your entire organization is the clearest game plan ever written on how to win on purpose.”
Jack Pitney
BMW of North America

“This book will help you navigate the challenging task of discovering and articulating a purpose that will inspire and motivate your entire workforce. Purpose makes employees feel like their job is important, that what they do matters and is one of a handful of critical factors that we at Gallup have proven that correlates with highly engaged, highly productive employees. If you can’t articulate the purpose of your organization and you want and need to–you need this book.”
Jim Clifton, CEO
The Gallup Organization

“Whenever I've seen a company or a brand that motivated me, inspired me or gave me goose bumps, I've been able to link it to an incredible purpose at the heart of that company. Roy Spence has nailed the power of purpose in this visionary book, and it will motivate and inspire you to find and fulfill a purpose at the heart of your organization. It's a must read for 21st century business leaders."
Jim Stengel
Former P&G Global Marketing Officer
and President/CEO, The Jim Stengel Company

“Roy Spence’s creative brilliance has been an enormous influence on helping people better understand what the PGA TOUR stands for–excellence on the golf course and a commitment to giving back to the communities where we compete. Roy introduced the These Guys are Good campaign to us in 1997. Today, those words still ring true and continue to accurately position the PGA TOUR in the world of professional sports. The wisdom contained in this book is a great resource for those who want to lead their business with a purpose.”
Tim Finchem, Commissioner

“Roy Spence has a great gift for getting to the heart of the matter. He understands that nothing inspires anyone–in business or in life–unless it talks to their deepest values and contributes, in some way, to making the world a better place. Fearless in questioning the status quo and relentless in rejecting cynical shortcuts, he has his finger on the pulse of America like no one else.”
Margaret Heffernan, Author
How She Does It

“If there is a secret to success in business, Roy Spence has gotten to the heart of it: that the most winning organizations exude a genuine and truly distinctive sense of purpose–a powerful set of ideas that neutralize the competition, click with customers, inspire employees, and reshape the sense of what’s possible in the marketplace. This book is nothing short of an instruction manual for the right way to win from the team that unleashed the power of purpose to help build some of the world’s most legendary maverick brands–from Southwest Airlines to Wal-Mart. Like Spence himself, it will leave you inspired, energized, and well-equipped on the path to purpose.”
Polly LaBarre, Co-Author
Mavericks At Work

“Roy Spence's book demonstrates the power of purpose in building successful organizations.  He shows how to discover your purpose, cultivate it, and use it to make a difference as well as to make profits. If this book doesn’t inspire you to create a purpose-driven organization, nothing will. It sure inspires me.”
Bill Novelli, CEO

“Everyone knew Texas A&M was a great brand, but it suffered from a lack of real distinction, particularly for those with no A&M DNA. The Purpose Institute led us to better understand ourselves, and Haley’s insight in defining our purpose and values has created a solid foundation for our future. Let’s hear it for 'leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good'!”
Steve Moore, CMO
Texas A&M University