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Hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1591842415


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We’ve all experienced corporate cultures in one form or another. Think about all the organizations you’ve dealt with in your professional life. You can probably readily identify organizations you’ve experienced that have a strong sense of purpose, as well as those that don’t.

In a company without a purpose, people have no idea what they’re really there to do. There may be a flurry of activity and an abundance of “busy-ness,” but it all seems frenetic, disorganized and leading in no particular direction. You see a business model that looks eerily similar to that of the closest competition. And your sense of who they are is probably quite muddled due to the fact that their ad campaigns change dramatically every year or so. This is what it feels like in an organization without a purpose. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common feeling in corporate America.

Contrast this with a company that has a great purpose. You can usually feel it when you walk in the door. You can sense it in the confidence and clarity with which employees go about their work. You can see it in the remarkable ways they do business. You can almost smell it from the coffee brewing down the hall!

You witness leaders who have a knack for endearing themselves to the troops and harnessing the passion and talents of their employees to great ends. And you usually know what they’re all about because their stories have been well told in the marketplace. This is what it feels like to step into a purpose-driven organization.

My hope is that reading and practicing the principles of It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For will inspire you to make a choice—a choice to go out there and either create or find work in a Culture of Purpose. Because in the process, you will make money, make a difference, and make history.

A pretty cool way to live your life at work.