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Hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1591842415

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About Us

The Purpose Institute helps leaders and organizations discover, articulate and align all stakeholders around a genuine and authentic purpose at the heart of the entity.

What is a purpose? Simply put, it’s a definitive statement about the difference that you are trying to make in the world. If you have a purpose and can articulate it with clarity and passion, everything makes sense, everything flows. You feel good about what you’re doing and clear about how to get there. If you don’t have a clear and easy way to articulate core purpose for the work that you do, everything probably feels a bit chaotic, disjointed and maybe even meaningless.

Whether or not you have a purpose that you can articulate, every organization and individual is capable of having one. Having a purpose is necessary to thrive over time. No clients are too big or too small, too special or too mundane to have a purpose if the leadership and the organization believe in it and are willing to use it as a North Star in all that they do.

We have proven that when you unleash the power of purpose, it creates a sea change in the category in which one competes. Organizations, leaders and brands with a real and genuine purpose are primed to deliver success not only in the marketplace but where it really counts—in the lives of others.